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Episode 6

 Gardening for Your Menstrual & Hormonal Health 

hosted by clinical herbalist & integrative health educator Kay'aleya Hunnybee

Gardening for Your Menstrual & Hormonal Health

13 easy-to-grow herbs to add to your garden to support your womb

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Grow your own personalized womb medicine garden! 

Whether you've got a sunny balcony, a small raised bed, or a whole farm, you can start to grow your own medicine... even if you've never grown a plant before. 

Cultivating relationships with the medicine plants can be a powerful part of the healing path. 

And while it doesn't always have to happen in the garden, growing your own medicine can help you experience them as more than just an herb in a jar, or tincture bottle... and instead as whole living beings, as friends. 

So, if you're curious about medicinal herb gardening basics, or wanna know which easy-to-grow herbs you could add to your garden this year (or next) to support your own personal womb health, give this a listen!

In this episode, you'll learn about:

  • the most basic things you need to start your medicine garden (even if you're just growing your plants in pots)
  • why many medicinal plants don't need to be pampered
  • 13 easy-to-grow plants to add to your menstrual & hormonal health garden
    • the essentials on how and where those plants like to grow
    • the essentials on how they can ease your menstrual cramps, curb heavy periods or menopausal flooding, support your mood if you experience PMS or menopausal mood swings, or balance your hormones no matter what season of life you're in

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DISCLAIMER: This podcast and blog is for educational purposes only, I am not providing any medical advice, I am not a medical practitioner, I’m an herbalist and in the US, there is no path to licensure for herbalists, so my role is as an herbal educator. Please do your own research and consult your healthcare provider for any personal health concerns.

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