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Episode 55

How to heal Diastasis recti
(and other pelvic floor wisdom)

with Dr Christine Klein

hosted by clinical herbalist & inte(grative health educator Kay'aleya Hunnybee

How to heal Disastasis recti
(and other pelvic floor wisdom)

with pelvic floor physical therapist Dr Christine Klein

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Diastasis what?

I know, this is not the most common topic of conversation for most of us. 

But Diastasis recti (aka the separation of your visible abdominal muscles) is actually not that rare. Especially postpartum.

And you may not even know you have it! 

While it’s not a condition that has major consequences initially, it’s something that impacts the integrity of your entire core so it’s helpful to address it, even if it’s years after it started.  

Most of us would probably consider this an abdominal issue, and think of the need to rehab from just a strengthening and exercise perspective.

But the truth is it’s easy to rehab this incorrectly (in a way that may lead to future challenges) if you’re not also incorporating your pelvic floor and “internal pressure regulation.”

In other words, your abdominal health is intimately intertwined with your pelvic health and pelvic floor physical therapist Dr Christin Klein covers how it all relates and so much more in this week’s episode.

Even if you don’t think you’ve got abdominal separation, there are gems for you in here.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How pelvic floor physical therapy can support everything from digestive challenges to painful sex to postpartum recovery and more
  • What Diastasis recti is and how to tell if you have it (simple ways to check at home)
  • Ways to prevent Diastasis recti during pregnancy
  • A specific breathing practice that can help you regulate internal pressure, calm your nervous system and help your healing process
  • Exercises to avoid and exercises to include in your rehab process
  • A few additional drops of pelvic health wisdom from Christine sprinkled throughout


Connect with Dr Christine Klein: 


DISCLAIMER: This podcast and blog is for educational purposes only, I am not providing any medical advice, I am not a medical practitioner, I’m an herbalist and in the US, there is no path to licensure for herbalists, so my role is as an herbal educator. Please do your own research and consult your healthcare provider for any personal health concerns.

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