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Episode 36

Blood-building Herbs
An herbal approach to replenishing blood after loss, hemorrhage or anemia


hosted by clinical herbalist & integrative health educator Kay'aleya Hunnybee

Blood-building Herbs
An herbal approach to replenishing blood after loss, hemorrhage or anemia

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Have you ever thought about the importance of having well-nourished blood?

I think it's one of those elements of our bodies that we neglect to think about often enough.

We're always talking about our livers, our digestion, our hormones, our brain. 

But what about that absolutely essential viscous liquid that carries essential nutrients everywhere in our bodies, our blood?

I think maybe it's because our blood moves, and isn't defined as one organ, that it can be easy to overlook and just take for granted. 

But if you've experienced anemia of any kind (like true symptomatic anemia) or a significant blood loss through hemorrhage or menstrual flooding for instance, you'll be well aware of how important this life force liquid actually is. 

Without our blood bringing oxygen, nutrients, hormones, immune cells and more to all the nooks and crannies of our bodies, we'd basically start to wither away.

Our blood matters. And the quality of it does, too. 


Listen to this episode to learn:

  • what the somewhat vague concept of blood building entails
  • why I believe blood building is a lost ancestral art
  • how traditional cultures approach building the blood
  • ways to tell if you need to nourish your blood
  • why your blood may be depleted
  • specific herbs and foods that are especially helpful 




DISCLAIMER: This podcast is for educational purposes only, I am not providing any medical advice, I am not a medical practitioner, I’m an herbalist and in the US, there is no path to licensure for herbalists, so my role is as an herbal educator. Please do your own research and consult your healthcare provider for any personal health concerns.


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