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Episode 3

Ayurveda and Your Hormonal Health
with Kimberly Kubicke

hosted by clinical herbalist & integrative health educator Kay'aleya Hunnybee

Ayurveda and Your Hormonal Health

with Ayurveda educator, consultant and health coach Kimberly Kubicke

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Are you curious about how to make simple changes in your life to support your hormonal health?

Have you been wondering about Ayurveda?

In this episode, Ayurvedic educator and health coach Kimberly Kubicke shares about how the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda can support your day-to-day life and make a big difference in your hormonal balance, whether you’re experiencing blood sugar challenges, thyroid issues, cycle weirdness, or in your transition into menopause.

Listen to the episode to learn

  • What Ayurveda is in a practical and accessible way

  • Ayurveda's views on hormonal health overall

    • how chronic conditions may be an epidemic of lifestyle imbalance
    • how healthy ratios of rest vs activity can change your life
    • how perimenopause and menopause are the time when the “debt collector comes knocking on the door”
    • the importance of starting to make lifestyle changes early to prevent future health challenges

  • The cornerstones of healthy hormones in Ayurveda

    • Daily Routines
      • importance of sunlight exposure to support healthy hormones
      • pre-sleep ritual tips
      • what are the best times to eat?
      • a simple daily body oiling practice

    • Food & Lifestyle
      • what’s appropriate for your body and lifestyle?
      • what's the quality of your foods?
      • importance of detoxing your cosmetics
      • importance of non-toxic household cleaning products

    • Balancing Rest & Activity
      • what's draining your energy?
      • what do you have the power to shift in your life?
  • How to start incorporating these practices in your life

    • Approach things slowly and steadily, one thing at a time
    • Individualize to your own life
  • A simple daily breathing practice for hormonal balance

    • alternate nostril breathing 
    • 5 minutes a day can be impactful

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