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Episode 10

Traditional Womb Healing Practices & Clearing Energetic Cords with Sondra Hamilton

hosted by clinical herbalist & integrative health educator Kay'aleya Hunnybee

Traditional Womb Healing Practices & Clearing Energetic Cords 

with mystic herbalist & Ayurvedic health counselor Sondra Hamilton

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Our wombs are a place we commonly store trauma, whether that's on physical, emotional or energetic levels.

While there are no shortage of places we can collect trauma in these lifetimes, some of the most common sources of trauma that ends up seated in the womb include:

  • Ancestral trauma. 

    Trauma from our ancestral lineage can be passed down to us during our time in our mothers' wombs, especially if there's a history of sexual abuse or emotional trauma in the family lineage. 
  • Imprints and energetic cords from sexual partners. 

    When we have sexual and intimate connections with others (and especially when those of us with wombs have sexual connections with folks with penises), we can carry imprints from those experiences.

    In Kundulini yoga wisdom, those of us with wombs are considered to be receptive like soil and those with penises are considered to be seeders, and those "seeds" can linger energetically in our wombs for up to 7 years and sometimes even longer, if we don't clear those energies out.

    When there are many of this cords present, we can feel lost, confused, and have a hard time connecting to our own intuition and inner knowing (which is also connected to our wombspace).

  • Holes in our auras resulting from poor boundaries and lack of clearing of past traumas.

    Our auras (which are perceived in yogic traditions to be energetic bodies that extend to about the length of our arms, basically our personal energy fields) can be damaged by some of these imprints and experiences.

    And if we don't have clear and strong boundaries, we are even more susceptible to losing connection to our personal power due to "holes" in our auras.

Thankfully, there are many paths to womb healing.

The first step is to begin cultivating a connection with your own womb, which can be achieved by:

  • Taking time to give presence to your womb.

    You can start by just laying down comfortably, and placing your hands over your wombspace. If you'd like a guided meditation to help you connect in with your womb, try this womb embodiment and connection guided meditation.

  • Get to know your own cycles and body rhythms.

    Start just tune into your body's own unique cycles. Start tracking your menstrual cycles. Explore how your physical and emotional symptoms shift and change with the moon cycle. Get to know your own body. If you want a step-by-step guide to get started with tracking your cycle, download this one.

  • Menstrual (moonblood) rituals. 

    You can start to connect with your menstrual cycle more deeply by using cloth pads and soaking them in water, and offering that diluted menstrual blood (aka moonblood) to the earth wherever you live. This could be an offering to your plants in your garden or just the land around your home. This can support a deepening of your relationship with both your own womb and the earth.

And once you're more connected to your womb space, you can enlist traditional practices to release traumas, remove energetic cords, and clear away feelings of shame.

Some practices based in Central and South American traditional indigenous lineages that Sondra shared about include: 

  • Temezcal (herbal steam baths).

    Sondra's teacher Maestra Estela Roman shared this practice with her. An enclosed space is created with hot stones surrounding it, and herb-infused water is poured onto the stones outside to create a steam bath experience.

    This space represents the mother's womb, and a person can feel a profound healing, release and rebirth in the process.

    You can clear energy from your own womb by intentionally entering this space with prayer and visualizing the release of trauma and gold light filling any empty spaces in your womb. Repeating a prayer and envisioning any energetic cords to be gentle removed and handed back to the person can be very helpful in releasing trauma or clearing energetic cords.

  • Yoni (Vaginal) Steams.

    This practice, which we'll have a podcast all about in the future, is a traditional Central American practice that involves making an infusion with herbs and sitting bare over it with towels or blankets around you, so that the steam rises to your perineum and yoni areas. You want to be careful not to burn yourself with the steam.

    Sondra specifically shared about yoni steaming for emotional and trauma release with softening, calming, heart opening herbs like lavender, rose and chamomile. 

    You can use this practice regularly, to start connecting more deeply with your womb. And you can also more intentionally and prayerfully use this practice to release energetic cords, imagining the plants and their oils taking energy out of the womb, and handing those cords back to their owners. This is a gentle process.

    Avoid yoni steams if you're pregnant, have an IUD, are currently menstruating, or are trying to conceive and close to ovulation (listen to this episode how to track your ovulation).

  • Plant baths.

    Sondra learned this practice from Shelley Torgove and Estela Roman of Aztec lineage, though she's since seen there are very similar practices in Peru. These are especially helpful for clearing shame from sexual experiences or trauma. 

    Make a simple pot of boiling water, and once boiled take off the heat and add handfuls of desired herbs, which could include rosemary, aloe, marigolds or calendula, chamomile, rose, aromatic herbs and sea salt.

    When the tea has cooled enough, take the pot and a cup to a bathtub or shower, and pour cupfuls of this infusion over your head, while also repeating a prayer or mantra to release shame. This practice can be done daily, weekly, monthly, as needed.

Ayurveda and Yogic approaches to womb healing can also be very supportive. 

A couple of different options for womb healing from ancient Indian wisdom include:

  • Kundalini Kriyas.

    Specifically, the Sodarshan kriya practice will clear the arcline, which can clear the aura and repair any holes that have resulted from multiple partners or poor boundaries. This can be googled to find instructions, and should be done for 30 days for best effect. 

  • Herbal formulas to detoxify and tonify the womb, clearing stagnation and helping move energy downward.

    1. Dashamoola Tea is 10 roots tea, and is considered to be a uterine detoxifier.

    2. Chyavanaprash is an herbal jam with ghee that tones reproductive unction and can support the womb clearing process.

    Both of these can be found at Banyan Botanicals, which is a high quality organic herbal company.

And finally, flower essences can be a beautiful addition to support emotional processing.

In this case, Sondra specifically recommends Motherwort flower essence from the Flower Essence Society (F.E.S.), which can be especially helpful for connecting to the "physical heart of the uterus" and is wonderful for folks who may not have had a nurturing mothering type of mother. 


Sondra's Book Recommendations

  • Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Creative and Forgotten Powers of the Feminine by Padma Non Prakasha & Anaiya Aon Prakasha 
  • Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind & Spirit by Queen Afua
  • Energy Strands: The Ultimate Guide to Clearing the Cords that are Constricting Your Life by Denise Linn

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DISCLAIMER: This podcast and blog is for educational purposes only, I am not providing any medical advice, I am not a medical practitioner, I’m an herbalist and in the US, there is no path to licensure for herbalists, so my role is as an herbal educator. Please do your own research and consult your healthcare provider for any personal health concerns.

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